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Mono crystalline and multi crystalline wafers pass through different processes to form high efficiency solar cells. The processes generally involved are;


        Wet Etching : This is done to remove any saw damage and pickle the wafers for

        maximum  light absorption. Energy Control Systems provides automated/manual

        wet etch chemistry baths for high efficiency and envoirmently safe handling of the

        wafers with very high yields.


       Diffusion :    Diffusion is the actual process of cell formation in which N and P type

       junctions are formed on the cell. The diffusion furnaces which are provided by

       Energy Control Systems have the highest installed base in the industry and known

       for their reliability and ease of operation.   



       Edge Isolation :  Plasma Etching has many benefits over other forms of edge

       isolation systems. It offers high through put and yields. Our systems are in

       use all over the world for this process.




       Printline and Firing Furnace :  Energy Control Systems is proud to represent some

       of the cutting edge companies manufacturing cell printing/drying and firing

       equipment. Please consult us for your requirements and we will tailor make your

       solution with guaranteed best pricing of the Industry. 


       Cell Sorting :  An important step in which modules of consistent quality are built. We provide equipment matching your budget and needs.