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 Energy Control Systems provides consultancy services for setting up Polysilicon, Photovoltaic/MEMS/Electronics/Materials production units.
We carry out energy audits and can reduce the load of Call centers, Banks and other places where large number of computers etc are being used by mitigating third harmonics from the load.
Crystalline solar cell manufacturing require four basic steps;

Polysilicon manufacturing

 Wafer manufacturing

Cell Manufacturing

Module manufacturing

Energy Control Systems provide consultancy services for setting up highest standard manufacturing units of all these four steps. We can provide complete plant on turnkey basis with guaranteed process efficiencies. The solutions offered are at lowest cost with highest quality of machines chosen for there through put and yield. We have relationships with worlds premier companies producing crystal growers (mono or multi), wire saws, wet etch chemistry, different furnace producers for diffusion, firing furnaces, silicon nitriding, edge isolation, inline printers, cell testers, laminators, tabbers and stringers, siemens reactors, TCS production etc. This ensures best pricing and process integration.

Please consult us for your manufacturing/energy audit needs.