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  Energy Control Systems designs, distributes, installs, and supports turnkey manufacturing equipment solutions for the semiconductor ( VLSI/MEMS/Opto-Electronics) industry. Our solutions support every step of the electronic industry value chain from polysilicon production to device manufacturing, and we can deliver integrated solutions that encompass all of them. We specialize in emerging markets, particularly those of the Middle East, and South Asia, but our projects have also taken us further afield.


  For our clients, we are the one-stop point of entry to the world of  Electronic manufacturing. We partner with many of the industry's top companies to deliver only the most advanced manufacturing solutions, along with the support required to operate their business successfully.

  For our vendors, we leverage our extensive knowledge of the markets where we operate to help unlock the business potential of the developing world. We cover a wide geographic area and offer all the benefits of a physical presence without the hassle and investment that such a presence would ordinarily entail.


  Energy Control Systems provides all Fab materials like silicon, photomasks, photoresists, photoresist ancillaries, gases, wet chemicals, targets and CMP etc as part of this package.





  Thermco brand of furnaces are oldest in the industry horizontal diffusion furnaces used in electronics and solar industry. Together with industry benchmark Thermco TMX process controls and excellent after sales service and support, this brand occupies a major chunk of market in this field. These furnaces support following processes;



Silicon Nitride

Model 2400-2600 (PDF Brochure)

Ramped Temperature Poly  
Uniform Grain Poly (Flat Temp)

Model VTP 1500(PDF Brochure)


Model HTR 62(PDF Brochure)

High Temperature Oxide

Model HTR 52(PDF Brochure)

5 or 6 Loop Pyro with DCE (TCA) or HCL  
2 or 4 Loop Liquid Dopant (POCL3 or BBR3)  
2 Loop forming Gas Anneal  
High Temperature High Flow Anneal  
Low Temperature Anneal or Cure  
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                                               PROCESSING AREAS

  Despatch Industries furnaces are bench mark in semiconductor packaging. Some of the processes in which they are used are ;


1. Annealing of Copper Wafers 2. Photo Resist
3. Develop and Bake 4. Die Attach
5.  Burn In and Test 6. After any Cleaning Process